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Welcome to Houston Christian's Tommy Tune

Award Winning Technical Theater Department

Theater Tech MAKES the show happen!

The people working behind the scenes have the power to make magic onstage

and truly set the mood for the audience to be immersed into the performance. 


The lighting,  the props, the sound and the coordination of behind the scene is vital to every show.

Technical theater encompasses all that goes into making a staged production. At Houston Christian, the technical classes and theatre arts department work to bring the imaginations to life for every production, ComedySportz competition, and rehearsal! There are two class options: Technical Theater and Advanced Technical Theater. These classes offer students a chance to study a variety of aspects. This includes: stage management, direction, lighting, sound , set engineering, costuming and much Moore


Thanks to this MULTI-YEAR Tommy Tune Award-Winning department, the performers and musicians can be seen, heard and enjoyed like any professional show.


The Houston Christian Technical Theater Department is responsible for all of the areas of the production to work together.  They establish the place, time period, and mood of the production. When enjoying a Houston Christian performance the audience will not even notice many of the technical elements of the show. Instead they will come away having enjoyed the show. 


Teamwork and cross-communication are critical for success, and the HC Technical Theater Department prides itself on valuing these year after year!

Positions within the Tech and Production Team

Student Director:

The person responsible for the artistic vision, the meaning and thusly the purpose of presenting the production. 


Student Technical Director:  

works with the Scene designer and Properties designer, supervises the master carpenter and oversees the construction of the set. 


Crew Chief - Scenic Design:

Designs the sets for the different scenes. 


Crew Chief - Lighting Design :

Designs how the playing area and the actors will be lit. 


Crew Chief - Properties Designer: 

Obtains and sometime even creates the hand props held by the actors and props used on the stage. 


Crew Chief - Costume & Make-up Design:

Designs the clothes that the people will wear, often designing or working closely with the designers of the hair and makeup as well. 


Crew-Chief Sound Engineer: 

Chooses or makes the different sound effects that will play during the show, as well as determining who gets microphones, and how much amplification will be necessary.

Crew-Chief Graphic Design:

Designs and creates graphics for the student show shirts, posters and promotional items. Also designs graphics used on stage during the show.

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