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ITS Community Outreach

Spring Spirit

Houston Christian Theatreworks has had the amazing opportunity to go to Spring Spirit and work with underprivileged youth in the Houston area. Theatre volunteers get the opportunity to help teach the kids acting games, HC Theatreworks warmups, musical dances, and small skits!


The whole week led up to a showcase that the students and kids put on for their friends and parents showcasing the scenes and dances that the kids had been learning all week long. This opportunity helps plant what an amazing opportunity acting can be in education and in these students futures. The added bonus is that it helps foster great friendships and will great memories are being made.


HC Theatreworks is proud that this is there 3rd year partnering with Spring Spirit and cannot wait for the many years to come! 

HC Theatreworks students pride themselves in helping other students experience the creative freedoms of performing.  Every year the students select opportunities to give back to local theaters and communities in Houston. You can find HC Theatreworks students volunteering at several camps across the city. This summer be on the the lookout for HC Theatreworks students serving at:

TUTS: The River and Humphrey's School for Musical Theater

Queensbury Theater: The Tribble School for Performing Arts

Chapelwood Circle of Friends

Texas Children's Hospital

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