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The Children's Theater Performance Company

New for the 2023 - 2024 season....

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The Magic Well Children's Play

The HC Theatreworks Family is proud to introduce its newest endeavor:

The Children’s Theatre Performance Company!​


Students interested in the company must sign up for Theatre Production Class. In this course, the students will develop, cast, and host a series of performances that will be appealing to youth-based audiences. The shows put together by the HC Children’s Theatre Performance Company will be exciting and light-hearted performances for the audiences and actors alike. The performances will be filled with cheerful songs, goofy humor, and direct interactions with the audience. They will last anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour in order to keep the storyline short and entertaining for a younger crowd. The 5 to 10-year-old age group will thoroughly enjoy the performances. Students in the HC Children’s Theatre Performance Company will use the class to provide another opportunity to act, sing and share their gifts of performance. Students rehearse and prepare for the productions in class. Performances are intended to make the audience and performers feel a sense of joy and hope.

This course is for students that would like to perform, stage manage or choreograph in two or more of the HC Theatreworks productions: the Fall Show, Winter Musical, Showstoppers, or the new Children's Theatre Show. The Children's theatre show is a show produced for preK-4th grade audiences - think Rumpelstilskin or Pinocchio. No previous drama classes are required. The class is also utilized for rehearsals for all productions. Lead and Supporting Roles from main stage auditions of any stage production must enroll in this course. Student Choreographers and stage managers are encouraged to enroll. Open to grades 11-12, grade 10 with instructor approval.

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